The financial costs of divorce can be one of people’s primary concerns when it’s time to end their marriage. While these costs will vary from case to case, hinging on the specifics of a given case, in general, here is a look at the factors that can affect how much a divorce will end up costing people.

Factors that Can Affect the Costs of Divorce

  • A trusted Denver divorce lawyer points out some of the factors that can affect the costs of divorce. Contact us for superior divorce representation.

    A trusted Denver divorce lawyer points out some of the factors that can affect the costs of divorce. Contact us for superior divorce representation.

    Whether the divorce is contested – When people are not able to agree on the issues of their divorce (e.g., the division of property, support payment obligations, custody, etc.), the costs of divorce will typically increase (in contrast to uncontested divorce cases in which people agree on all of the issues in their divorce).

    Here, it should also be noted that the more issues that are in dispute in a given divorce case, the more that case will typically end up costing (as it will typically take more time to reach a resolution).

  • Whether the court needs to get involved – Although the court will not play a central role in every divorce case, when the court does need to get involved to help people resolve the contested issues, the associated divorce costs will, again, typically increase.
  • How long the case takes to be resolved – Divorce cases that can be wrapped up more quickly will typically cost less. So, going hand-in-hand with both of the above points, cases that involve less disputed issues – and less court involvement – will typically be resolved faster and, consequently, cost less.

A Word about Attorneys’ Costs

Another cost of divorce that may concern people is the attorneys’ fees. While these fees will involve some upfront costs, it’s crucial for people to be aware that retaining an attorney can:

  • Be pivotal to protecting their interests in divorce
  • Help reduce the overall financial and emotional costs of divorce
  • Result in a more favorable final divorce decree.

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