It depends is the short answer. That’s because the cost of divorce will vary according to a number of different factors, some of the most prominent of which we will discuss below.

What Makes Divorce Expensive

Divorce can be more or less expensive, depending on these factors, a Denver divorce lawyer explains.

Divorce can be more or less expensive, depending on these factors, a Denver divorce lawyer explains.

In general, divorce cases tend to be more expensive to resolve when:

  • Divorcing parties can’t agree on a lot of issues – Issues like the division of property, custody, etc. can be points of contention between divorce parties. When there are more things that divorcing partners disagree about versus that they can agree upon, the divorce case will typically be more expensive because each issue will have to be resolved in court.
  • At least one party is refusing to compromise – While there may be a lot that couples do not agree on at the beginning of divorce, as the case gets underway, it may be possible to resolve at least some of these issues relatively simply and quickly – so long as there is an open line of communication and both parties are willing to act reasonably.

    When, however, one party may be refusing to compromise (maybe due to bitterness or anger about the marriage/divorce), again, divorce will tend to be more expensive because the issues will have to be presented and decided upon in court.

  • The marital property is more complicated – When there are disputes about what constitutes the marital property or when couples are simply wealthier and have more assets, it can take longer to resolve property division issues, which generally increases the costs of divorce.

    Having a lot of marital debt also, however, can render the martial property as more complicated, as it can require the time-consuming effort of dividing up the debt during divorce.

  • There are allegations of concealed assets – When one party has or has been accused of hiding some of the marital assets, there usually needs to be an investigation, which can prolong the duration and increase the costs of divorce.
  • The case lasts longer – In general, the longer a divorce case drags on, the more expensive that case will be.

So, the bottom line is that those who want to reduce the expenses of divorce should generally be open to compromise, not hide assets and contact a lawyer who can protect their interests – and assets – moving forward.

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