Myths about divorce can be as confusing as they may be misleading. For those who are preparing for or going through a divorce right now, however, believing certain divorce myths can cause them to compromise their interests and possibly the outcome of their divorce. To help people avoid this, below, we will reveal the truth behind common myths about Colorado divorce.

Misconceptions about Colorado Divorce that Can Cost You

Myth 1 – The court will let me stick it to my cheating ex in our upcoming divorce.

Getting past these divorce myths can be essential to obtaining the best outcomes from divorce while minimizing the costs of the process, a Denver divorce attorney explains.

Getting past these divorce myths can be essential to obtaining the best outcomes from divorce while minimizing the costs of the process, a Denver divorce attorney explains.

Fact – This is not necessarily true, and having revenge as a motivation for divorce can be a dangerous way to start a case. This is because:

  • Being vengeful can make you less willing to compromise – even on things that may not matter as much to you. This can end up prolonging and increasing the costs of your divorce.
  • The court will usually be able to detect when vengeance is a motivator, and this can make a court less willing to rule in favor of the vengeful party.
  • People motivated by vengeance in divorce will rarely be satisfied with the outcomes of their case.

Myth 2 – It’s not a big deal if I tuck away some money or assets before or during divorce.

Fact – Wrong! “Tucking away” assets is essentially concealing assets in divorce, and this is a big no-no. The reason is that hiding assets in divorce can constitute fraud, can render any resulting divorce settlement void and can even lead to criminal charges (in some cases).

If there are assets you really want or believe you deserve out of your divorce case, it is far better to hire an experienced lawyer to help you fight for them, rather than trying to pull one over on the court.

Myth 3 – I signed a prenup, so I’m not going to get anything in my divorce.

Fact – This isn’t necessarily true. Although signing a prenuptial agreement can affect your interests in a divorce case, you should be aware that:

  • Not all prenups are valid. In fact, if the prenup you signed puts you at a gross disadvantage in the divorce case, it may be “unconscionable” and, consequently, may be tossed out by the court.
  • Not all terms of a prenup may be valid. In some cases, certain provisions of prenups can be tossed out.
  • If you were married for a certain amount of time or there was a sunset clause in your prenuptial agreement, you may be entitled to more than you think.

The Bottom Line about Divorce Myths

When it comes to divorce myths, the bottom line is that it’s best not to let your ideas about divorce cloud your judgment or decisions. Instead, retain an experienced divorce lawyer who can inform you about your rights and options, as well as provide you with effective advocacy and representation moving forward.

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