As your life changes, your parenting time needs may also evolve, and seeking modifications of parenting time will be the solution to adjusting the time you have with your child. As with other modifications – such as modifications of child support and maintenance, for modifications of parenting time:

  • There will be a specific court process involved with obtaining (or trying to challenge requests for) modifications of parenting time.
  • Some substantial life change will have to have occurred in order for there to be grounds for requesting a modification of parenting time.
  • Having an experienced lawyer representing your interests through the process will be essential to obtaining the best possible outcomes to these matters.
With modifications of parenting time, trust Centennial Child Custody Attorney Bruce H. Rabun to obtain the best possible outcomes to these cases.

With modifications of parenting time, trust Centennial Child Custody Attorney Bruce H. Rabun to obtain the best possible outcomes to these cases.

At the Law Office of Bruce H. Rabun, LLC, our Centennial child custody attorney is here for you and can help you successfully resolve your modifications case. We have the experience, skills and resources necessary to help you favorably settle any parenting time issues so that you can move on with your life and focus on your future.

Grounds for Modifications of Parenting Time

Some of the specific grounds for requesting modifications of parenting time can include (but are not necessarily limited to):

  • A parent moving his residence (either closer to the custodial parent or significantly farther away, like out of state)
  • A parent being incarcerated, hospitalized or interned at some other facility
  • A parent becoming disabled and/or developing a serious health condition.

Modifications of Parenting Time: Additional Important Information You Should Know

When requesting or trying to shut down modifications to parenting time, here is some additional important information you should know:

  • The best interests of children will still be what matters the most to the courts – As with former decisions regarding parenting time, the court’s determinations regarding modifications of parenting time will made based on what is in the best interests of the involved child(ren) at that point in time (i.e., given the new circumstances in one or both parent’s lives).
  • There are time limits for these cases – Specifically, once the court rules on a petition for the modification of parenting time, the parents will have to wait at least two years before filing another petition to modify parenting time (unless, of course, an emergency or some threat to a child’s physical or psychological health requires a modification).
  • One party may be ordered by the courts to pay the other party’s attorneys’ fees – In fact, if the court finds that a request for modification has been made frivolously or out of spite between the parents, the court can order the person responsible for the frivolous petition to pay for the other party’s attorneys’ fees.

Given these facts:

  • It’s critical that parents are prepared for the court hearings.
  • They work with an experienced attorney like Centennial Child Custody Lawyer Bruce H. Rabun to ensure they are able to obtain the best outcomes to these matters.

Centennial Child Custody Lawyer at the Law Office of Bruce H. Rabun, LLC

Are you considering filing for a modification of parenting time? If so, you can trust Centennial Child Custody Attorney Bruce H. Rabun to;

  • Guide you through the process
  • Provide you with caring, aggressive representation
  • Help you resolve your case as favorably as possible.

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