Child support payments are generally ordered by the court when one parent may have sole or primary custody and both parents are unable to agree upon a set amount for these payments. The notion behind ordering child support payments is that both parents have a responsibility to financially support their child until the child turns 19 years old.

How Child Support Is Calculated: Factors for Determining Child Support Payments

When you are dealing with any child support issues, you can turn to Centennial Child Support Lawyer Bruce H. Rabun to favorably resolve these issues.

When you are dealing with any child support issues, you can turn to Centennial Child Support Lawyer Bruce H. Rabun to favorably resolve these issues.

When decisions about child support are left up to the court, a very specific formula will be used to determine the amount of these payments. According to Colorado law (C.R.S. §14-10-115), the specific factors that are part of this formula for determining child support obligations include:

  • The incomes of each parent (with certain deductions allowable and with any spousal support payments counted as income)
  • The number of children
  • The number of overnight visits a non-custodial parent (i.e., the parent who does not have primary custody) has each year (and, more specifically, whether this is more than 93 overnights annually)
  • Daycare costs (if applicable)
  • Health insurance costs
  • Whether one party may already have child support obligations.

What is notably not included in this formula for determining child support payments is other debt that a person may have.

Child Support Obligations: Additional Important Information

The following is some additional important information to know when you may be receiving or paying child support:

  • Custody or visitation issues – These issues are separate from child support obligations, and parents shouldn’t try to leverage one issue with another. In other words, when one parent may not be living up to his or her child support obligations, the other parent cannot legally withhold custody or visitation.Although this may be tempting, it’s best for the parent to go back to court to get an official court order against the other parent who has defaulted on these payments.
  • Modifications – Just because the court orders a specific amount of child support does not mean that this is the set amount until the obligation ends. It’s possible to petition the courts to modify the amount of these payments when some aspect of a person’s financial situation substantially changes.
  • Wage garnishments – When someone has been ordered to pay child support and fails to follow through with this obligation for any reason, the court can order wage garnishments (or other punitive actions) against the parent who has not paid child support.
  • Tax obligations – There may be some tax considerations that both parties (both the parent paying and the parent receiving child support) need to be aware of when it’s time to talk about and determine child support obligations.

The bottom line is that determining child support obligations can be very complicated and that you should have an experienced attorney like the Centennial child support lawyer at the Law Office of Bruce H. Rabun, LLC on your side to protect your interests and advocate your rights during the process.

Centennial Child Support Lawyer at the Law Office of Bruce H. Rabun, LLC

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