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Throughout my 30 years of practicing law, 24 of which have been solely in the domestic relations arena, the past few years have proven to be the most demanding in terms of case load, client management, client expectations, and judicial challenges. I attribute these difficulties to technology, poor economic conditions, and the few judges being appointed with any degree of family law experience.  If you have an interest in saving your precious limited resources of time and money, and in protecting your children from bad decisions made in anger, you need to find a good experienced family law attorney.

A combination of the poor economy, an overabundance of law school graduates, and the accessibility of the internet has made family law an attractive area to many inexperienced attorneys.  These attorneys “hang a shingle” by posting a website claiming they can do anything.  The new, recently graduated lawyers are more “successful” at getting clients simply because they have learned how to leverage Internet and social media marketing. Consequently, family law has been invaded by general practitioners and inexperienced lawyers with only a basic knowledge of how to handle a domestic relations case, which they themselves gathered from the internet or taking a course. The result is highly contested cases, unreasonable expectations, angry clients, and hostile practitioners. All of this leads to greater costs as the cases are not being efficiently handled or settled. More importantly, this dynamic is creating real longterm harm to children and families going through the legal process, as the end result has not been guided by experience for what is better financially for the family or the children, but by who is strongest at the moment.

Good Centennial Family Law Attorney – Compassionate, Respectful, Understanding

A good family law attorney knows more than the law, as that only entails simply reading statutes and case law. Experienced practitioners have expertise on many topics such as: child development and psychology, tax consequences of property divisions and support payments, business and other types of property valuations, different forms of deferred compensation, debt reduction options, and recognizing other types of valuable civil claims, or what happens in the event of a bankruptcy, etc.  A good attorney has not just courtroom skills, but also compassion, respect, understanding, patience, knowledge, creativity, and integrity. Ask a prospective attorney if they know what a restricted share unit is, or whether a mental disorder is significant to parenting, or whether they should spend thousand to pursue a valuation of property, or have a parental responsibility evaluation.

A good family lawyer can separate their own emotions from those of their clients, and are able to tell a client not what seems right to them, but what client behaviors actually harm their children. This knowledge is learned and acquired over time, as opposed to quickly acquired by reading text books or browsing the web.

An experienced attorney also understands if you have to go to court, no two judicial officers (and certainly no two judicial jurisdictions) approach a domestic case in the same manner. There is a wide disparity in the application of the various laws from one judicial officer to another, which creates inequities to litigants. A good experienced attorney either knows their judge, or knows how to find out about a judge’s tendencies.  An experienced attorney simply has a greater ability to predict how a case will progress through the system, and, perhaps, a greater ability to predict the outcome so that a fair outcome may be achieved without litigation.

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The best way to find a good family law attorney is to ignore website hype and meet them face to face and ask lots of questions, for which honest hard answers should be given. Referrals from other satisfied clients are always better than relying on the internet claims of those lawyers and firms who spend thousands each month to make sure their law firms appear first in Google listings. Look deeper for quality and a good fit with your personality and budget.