Moving Out of the Marital Home? Here Are 4 Things You Should Do First…

October 31, 2015

Two of the tough decisions that divorcing people will have to make is whether they can continue to live together as their divorce proceeds and, if not, who will stay in the home and who has to move out. Of course, when abuse or domestic violence may be an issue, victims should always move out…
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Is An Ex Hiding Your Assets? 4 Places to Start Looking for Concealed Assets in Divorce

October 20, 2015

Concealing assets in divorce is illegal, but some people still try to do it – especially when their anger, resentment or other emotions overcome them and make them feel entitled to certain assets. When you suspect that an ex may be trying to pull one over on you and prevent you from knowing about or…
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How Expensive Is Divorce?

October 10, 2015

It depends is the short answer. That’s because the cost of divorce will vary according to a number of different factors, some of the most prominent of which we will discuss below. What Makes Divorce Expensive In general, divorce cases tend to be more expensive to resolve when: Divorcing parties can’t agree on a lot…
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Don’t Believe these 3 Myths about Colorado Divorce

September 30, 2015

Myths about divorce can be as confusing as they may be misleading. For those who are preparing for or going through a divorce right now, however, believing certain divorce myths can cause them to compromise their interests and possibly the outcome of their divorce. To help people avoid this, below, we will reveal the truth…
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Does Infidelity Matter in Colorado Divorce?

September 20, 2015

Cheating can often be the spark that ignites a divorce. However, cheating does not necessarily matter when it comes time to resolve the issues of divorce because Colorado is a “no fault” divorce state. This essentially means that: Fault is not a factor necessary to obtain a divorce – Instead, it is only necessary in…
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3 Expensive Divorce Mistakes to Avoid

September 10, 2015

Divorce can be as taxing on people’s emotions as it may be on their wallets. However, making certain mistakes during the divorce process can end up complicating the situation, increasing the costs – and likely stresses – people end up bearing. While this can be unsettling to consider, being informed and knowing what some common…
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Money & Divorce: 3 Things to Consider When Debating Whether to File for Divorce or Bankruptcy First

August 31, 2015

While going through a divorce can cause people to have to file for bankruptcy later, in some cases, couples struggling with a lot of debt may be facing bankruptcy and divorce, wondering whether there is an advantage to filing for one before another. The short of it is that it will depend on the specifics…
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Are There Any Benefits to Filing for Divorce First versus Letting My Ex File First?

August 20, 2015

In light of our last blog on modern divorce trends in the U.S., now is a good time to address this issue, namely whether it’s better for someone to file for divorce first or let their ex file first. The Possible Upside of Filing for Divorce First Although filing for divorce first will not give…
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4 Interesting U.S. Divorce Trends

August 10, 2015

Half of all marriages end in divorce is a divorce statistic commonly thrown around. While it may have been true of divorce in the U.S. in the 1970s and 1980s, however, modern divorce trends tell a different story – namely that the U.S. divorce rate today is less than 50 percent and that it has…
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5 Red Flags Your Partner Is Preparing to File for Divorce

July 31, 2015

When you sense the end of a marital relationship, divorce can be something you consider. However, your partner may be doing more than just considering divorce – (s)he may be starting to make plans now to file for divorce. And, the sooner you are alert to this, the sooner you can start to put your…
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