Wrapping up our blog series 6 Divorce Planning Tips to Facilitate Your Upcoming Divorce, below are some more things that you can do to get ready for divorce and, in doing so, make the process a bit easier.

Additional Divorce Planning Tips that Can Save You Money & Stress

Tip #5 – Figure out what you want out of the divorce.

While these divorce planning tips are essential, even if you can’t prepare for divorce, you can get the best representation by contacting us.

While these divorce planning tips are essential, even if you can’t prepare for divorce, you can get the best representation by contacting us.

While all of the divorce planning tips that we’ve discussed so far in this blog series have been more focused on what you can do to financially prepare for your divorce, this tip is specifically geared towards mentally getting yourself ready. As you consider what you want out of your divorce, some of the things that you may want to ponder include (but may not be limited to) your feelings about:

  • Payment support obligations, including whether you are planning to request things like child and/or spousal support or you think your partner may make such requests
  • Child custody (if you share children with your partner)
  • The marital home and other property you may share with your ex
  • The issues that you may be more or less willing to compromise on.

By knowing what you want out of your divorce (within reason, of course), you may be able to determine:

  • What matters you should prepare to fight for in your divorce
  • What process may be better suited for your upcoming divorce, as mediation (in contrast to the traditional divorce process in court) can be far cheaper and produce more favorable outcomes when working with a soon-to-be ex is feasible.

Tip #6 – Get legal help and, if needed, emotional support.

Ultimately, one of the best divorce planning tips is to know when to reach out for:

  • Legal help – Even the friendliest of splits between married couples can turn sour and contentious quickly. So, having an experienced lawyer on your side to help inform you of your options and rights while helping you to assert your interests in divorce can be essential to getting through divorce as smoothly and favorably as possible.
  • Emotional support – The end of your marriage, as well as the divorce process, can generate a lot of emotions, from anger and resentment to grief and possibly even guilty. So, having an emotional support system – whether that be through loved ones or professionals like therapists – is another smart move, as this can help you stay strong, focused and together as you make your way through divorce and prepare to start your new life.

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