Half of all marriages end in divorce is a divorce statistic commonly thrown around. While it may have been true of divorce in the U.S. in the 1970s and 1980s, however, modern divorce trends tell a different story – namely that the U.S. divorce rate today is less than 50 percent and that it has been declining over recent years.

As surprising as that fact is, the modern U.S. divorce trends that we’ll discuss below may just as interesting and shocking.

More Modern Divorce Trends in the U.S.

  1. Think half of all marriages end in divorce? Not true! Get the facts about divorce by reading more about these interesting trends, a Denver divorce & family lawyer explains.

    Think half of all marriages end in divorce? Not true! Get the facts about divorce by reading more about these interesting trends, a Denver divorce & family lawyer explains.

    Women tend to file for divorce more often than men – In fact, some research has suggested that, in as much as 70 percent of all divorce cases in the U.S., women file for divorce first.

    While some have speculated that this may be due to more women working and having more economic independence from men, others have contended that dissipation of the stigma surrounding divorce has also made it easier for women to make the first move in filing for divorce more often than men do.

  2. More people over 50 are filing for divorce – The so-called “grey divorce” is a phenomenon now, as the findings have been that about 1 in every 4 people getting divorced these days is someone over 50 years old.

    To put this in perspective, in 1990, about 1 in 10 people getting divorced was over the age of 50. Shifting attitudes about marriage and divorce, as well as the fact that people are living longer, have been some of proposed explanations for this trend in U.S. divorce.

  3. Social media use commonly contributes to divorce – Using Facebook, Twitter and other social media networks is a factor in about 33 percent of all divorces, some studies have found. While researchers are still studying the relationship between social media use and divorce, some have noted that using social media can increase conflict between partners (especially when people connect with exes on social media), incites jealousy and, in some cases, exposes infidelity.
  4. Many people are seeing/experiencing a positive side to divorce – In fact, while divorce can give people a romantic fresh start, research also suggests that it can help people better appreciate the small pleasures of life. Studies have suggested that going through difficult times, including divorce, can lead to people enjoying the present and appreciating the smaller things more.

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