Divorce can be as taxing on people’s emotions as it may be on their wallets. However, making certain mistakes during the divorce process can end up complicating the situation, increasing the costs – and likely stresses – people end up bearing.

While this can be unsettling to consider, being informed and knowing what some common divorce mistakes are can help you avoid making them and, in turn, allow you better position yourself for a smoother, cheaper divorce.

Try Not to Make these Divorce Mistakes

Mistake 1 – Moving out of the family home too soon

Here are a few divorce mistakes that can jeopardize a case and make it far more expensive to resolve, a Denver divorce & family lawyer explains.

Here are a few divorce mistakes that can jeopardize a case and make it far more expensive to resolve, a Denver divorce & family lawyer explains.

Once you know you will be moving forward with divorce, you may be ready to set up a new living space, separate from your former partner. If this leads you to move out of the family home immediately, however, you could be sabotaging:

  • Your claims to the home – This may be especially true if you leave your ex in the home with your children.
  • A future custody case – Moving out immediately can be used against you to try to argue you are not interested in maintaining a close relationship with your children.

Takeaway: Don’t move out too quickly, and consider whether you can set up separate living quarters within the home so as not to relinquish your interests.

Mistake 2 – Attempting to conceal assets in divorce

Trying to hide marital assets in divorce is a potentially huge mistake because it can cause you to lose ground in the entire case – if not potentially subvert a final divorce decree or possibly even face fraud charges.

Takeaway: Don’t gamble your credibility with the court by trying to hide assets in divorce. Instead, hire a lawyer to help you fight to retain the assets you want and believe you are entitled to.

Mistake 3 – Not retaining a lawyer ASAP

This can be the single biggest mistake people make in Colorado divorce cases because not having a lawyer on their side can result in them:

  • Compromising their rights and/or interests
  • Not being aware of their options at different stages of the case
  • Becoming embroiled in a far more costly and contentious divorce case
  • Not securing the best possible outcomes to divorce.

Takeaway: Make sure you have an experienced divorce attorney on your side. This representation can make all of the difference in the costs and resolutions of the divorce.

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